May 28, 2016

Today, May 28, in honor of Ian Fleming's birthday, we look at whether the novelist had a model for James Bond, and if so, the shadow cast in the literary mirror.  


The most likely candidate for Fleming's inspiration, it seems, was British double agent Du...

May 20, 2016

Seventy-five years ago today—May 20, 1941—Lt. Commander Ian Fleming checked into the swanky Palacio Hotel in Estoril, Portugal's version of the Côte d'Azur.  He signed in with his real name—Ian Lancaster Fleming—and listed his occupation as "Government Official."  The...

May 18, 2016

In case you missed his post yesterday, here's the Q and A I had with The Spy Command's Bill Koenig.


Bill:  What interested you in the subject in the first place to do a book?


Larry:  I was working on an espionage novel four years ago and I started researching "gre...

May 13, 2016


Forty-three years ago today, British magazine Observer asked a very important question: "Is this the real James Bond?"  The man on the cover was none other than Dusko Popov, agent TRICYCLE in MI5 and MI6 circles.  Just one year before, in 1972, spymaster J. C. Masterm...

May 7, 2016

Shortly before his death, Ian Fleming hosted a BBC reporter at Goldeneye, Fleming's Jamaican writing retreat.  The journalist asked, in a pejorative tone, about James Bond's playboy lifestyle and the numerous women he seduced.  Taking no offense, Ian reminded the repor...

May 5, 2016


TODAY 1944, Winston Churchill held in his hands and read the very pages you see here.  It was MI5's April intelligence report [recall that MI6 handles intelligence abroad, MI5 domestic].  It was a critical time as D-Day, the secret Britain had to protect at all costs,...

May 1, 2016

In Ian Fleming's "From Russia With Love," a Russian agent (Tatiana Romanova) is assigned to feign love to and seduce MI6's top agent, James Bond.  Romanova, of course, is swept away by Bond and actually falls in love with him.  It is likely that Fleming remembered Dusk...

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