The Casino

In early August 1941, an MI6 agent (Dusko Popov) played a high-stakes game of bacarrat at Casino Estoril (between Lisbon and the cliffs of Cascais, Portugal).  Popov was playing—with MI6 money—against a wealthy but boorish gambler (Bloch) who was fleeing the Nazis.  Another intelligence officer (Ian Fleming) watched as Popov bet an outrageous sum to humiliate and crush his opponent.
In Ian Fleming's first novel, Casino Royale (1953), an MI6 agent (James Bond) plays a high-stakes game of baccarat at Casino Royale (a fictional town near the real cliffs of Brittany, France).  Bond is playing—with MI6 money—against a villain (Le Chiffre) who is fleeing the Russians.  Another intelligence officer (Rene Mathis) watches as Bond tries to bankrupt his opponent.  Sound familiar?
The 2006 film adaptation of Casino Royale changed the game to Texas Hold 'em.