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Espionage High Life

On this day, 1941, two spies dined at Horcher's, one of Madrid's finest restaurants. Abwehr agent Johnny Jebsen was to let British double agent Dusko Popov know how things were going, and, in particular, how agent IVAN's (Popov's German code name) last report was received. On the way, Johnny informed Dusko that the restaurant was German-owned, and that vases at each table contained a hidden microphone. Dinner talk was to be light, unless praise was being heaped on Hitler.

During the evening, Jebsen said that Popov's report had been well-received in Berlin. Johnny smiled and discreetly passed a large envelope under the table. "Courtesy of Colonel Pieckenbrock," he said. It contained $10,000 (about $150,000 in today's dollars).

Johnny was almost certain that Dusko was doubling for the Allies.

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